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Part 1

The Truth shall set you free

The Book of Hashem

'The Name

of the Rose'

72 Names of God and the Messianic Cross

The 72 3-letter Names of God are derived from permutations on Exodus 14:19-21, which itself is composed of three verses of 72 letters each.

To create the first triad or 3-letter Name, you put together the first letter of verse 14:19, the last letter of verse 14:20, and then the first letter of 14:21.  To create the next triad, you put together the second letter of 14:19, the second to last of 14:20, and the second letter of 14:21.  This continues until all the letters are used up (see above right).

When arranged in the usual fashion they form an 8×9 rectangle (see right).

If we place an equal armed or Messianic Cross as close to the centre as possible (see right) reading from right to left like Hebrew:

The top arm gives Shin Aleph Hey or:

Sh A H, Sh A E or Sh E E.

The bottom gives: Yod Lamed Hey or:

Y L H or Y L E or I L H or I L E.

The two together give:

Shaeyle, close to the exact spelling of my name, ‘Shayler’


Shehyleh, pronounced exactly like my surname.

It would be easy to see how Sh A H I L H became Sh I L H, especially when we realise that Alef was originally silent and not pronounced.

The central box to the Messianic cross gives the letters M N D.  ‘D’ and ‘M’ are my initials, ‘N’ in Hebrew stands for ‘fish’.  So we have:

D M Shayleh, the fish.

The fish is a widely understood symbol of Jesus the Christ.

From the 72 Names of God

ShAH is the Name of God for ‘soul mate’.  In the Bible, Jesus calls himself the ‘bridegroom’, a type of soul mate, which scholars have interpreted as the bridegroom of humanity.

YLH is the Name of God for judgement.  Come Judgement Day, the Messiah will be the elector or judge who will decide which souls get into the New World aka heaven aka the promised land.

A later Yiddish variation – a German-Jewish dialect — of my surname gives Shin, Yod, Yod, Lamed, Ayin, Resh or ShYYLAaR.  This is an anagram of two of the 72 triad Names of God, Resh, Yod, Yod: RYY – the 29th name, for removing hatred, and Ayin, Shin, Lamed: AaShL, the 47th name, for global transformation.

It is also an anagram of Sh L Aa or ‘Shayla’.  The Mayan Long Count calendar comes to an end on 23rd December 2012, spelling the end of this universe and signalling the global transformation into the New Human and the New World.  The next day is my 47th birthday.

Why this is not ‘Just a coincidence’

The other arms of the Messianic cross give:

Kaf Vav Qoph Alef Nun Yod


C O Ck E N Y

spelt rather how the locals pronounce it.  The last incarnate of the Baptist, the twin soul of Jesus, was born in London and therefore can be called a ‘Cockney’.   It is also an exact anagram of his surname when it is traced through Hebrew to Irish to English:


(in Irish)

We have therefore established that the five boxes of the Messianic cross in the 72 Names Grid all have meaning in our quest, giving us not only the name of the Messiah, ‘Shaeyle’ but also his initials, ‘D M’, his role, ‘N’, the fish or Christ, as well as a virtually exact direction to the birthplace of the Baptist in London, ‘Cockeny’; and an exact anagram of his surname in the Irish whence it derived, ‘Conaiq’.

Again, this seems to show a deliberate pattern – intelligent design, God-in-everything – rather than being random or merely ‘coincidence’.   Remember, Isaac Newton, one of the greatest scientific minds of all time, was more interested in decrypting codes from the Hebrew Torah – where the 72 Names originate — than he was in the scientific laws he discovered.

With a little re-arrangement, all the 15 letters in the cross give us:

D Sh E Y L H A N I M A Ch O N Q

or ‘

D Sheylh
Ani Machon

Annie Machon is of course my former partner, who managed to put up with me for thirteen years.   She is also an incarnate of higher consciousness — Mother Mary or St Peter to my Jesus, an issue I had worked out before I saw our names in the 72-Name grid.

‘Q’ in the study of esoteric material refers to the hypothetical ‘Lost Gospel’, the postulated common source of the synoptic Books of Matthew and Luke, that provides material not covered in the other synoptic gospel, according to Mark.  The Q text’ or ‘Logia’ is believed to contain the sayings of ‘Jesus’.

‘Q’ could be pronounced ‘key’.  And ‘Nothing is wanting but the Key’.

Some fun

Jesus communicates in many mysterious ways so it is no surprise that one of my favourite TV programmes also includes a recurring plotline involving ‘Q’.  In the Star Trek universe, the ‘Q’ Continuum is:

an extradimensional plane of existence inhabited by a race of seemingly omnipotent and immortal, hyper-intelligent beings known as the Q.  […]


The most notable of the Q is played by John de Lancie, a mischievous Q who, having taken an interest in humans, periodically harasses the crews of the titular starships and space stations. […]  While he is very boastful, condescending and occasionally threatening, he ultimately seems to have humanity’s best interests at heart.

Remember: God is in everything, even Star Trek.