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The Sermons

The Chapters of the Law

The Sermons

I am the Messiah

The Affidavit of Law

Many are called. Few are chosen

The Silence Is Over



Part 1: The Truth shall set you free

The Book of Love

Did ye never read in the scriptures: an exposition of the Law, set forth in the Bible.

We hold these truths to be self-evidentThe Maxims of Law, the very highest principles of law.

Is it not written in your law? The Law as a higher authority than any man-made ‘law’ or legislation.

I came not to judge the world but to save it: The root causes of the poverty and suffering on the planet right now, and their solution, largely through the lawful growing of hemp and the restoration of land promised to the people.

The Book of HaShem

The Heir of all Things: The Chosen One in many different cultures.

Babylon’s burning: The Heir or the Messiah in law, sworn under unrebutted affidavit; The sworn duty of the Queen (and all other swearers of the oath) to the Messiah, the successor and Sovereign according to law.

Only an evil generation seeketh a sign: 777 and The signs of the End Times.

The Name of the Rose: Decoder of the Code in biblical texts.

By his acts, you will know him: The Acts of the Messiah.

Through believing, you might have life in his name: The Bible interactive.

First among equals: The role of the Messiah and the Return of the Goddess.

Our time has come: a call to action; the final battle is within.

Part 2: The Day of Atonement

The Book of Reckoning

The Sermon in the Square, interspersed with the comments of one of the audience, who is on the point of seeing the light.

It brings the ancient wisdom of the Bible to the modern day, pricking the pomposity of the hypocrites who use God yet undermine his Law.

It serves as a clear warning to those who will not follow God’s Law, calling on those who have sworn the oath to do their duty and those who have not to take the Law into their own hands, ‘just like Robin Hood’.

The Book of Kings

The true ‘bloodline’ is not hereditary. It is the flesh and blood incarnations of the Jesus soul listed here and includes guerilla leaders; various kings, generals and saints; poets, playwrights, philosophers, all of them in a sense whistleblowers. Without them, mankind would really know jackshit.

Part 3: The Organisation or ‘the Cosmos’

Divided into nine books, it is nevertheless one seamless parable set in the smoke and mirror world of the secret services, inspired by My Father but told through the eyes of a professed atheist.

Book 1: This is Not a Rehearsal

Book 2: ‘Rectum Defende’

Book 3: The Need to Know

Book 4: The Last Temptation

Book 5: Now is the Time for Action

Book 6: Ye huvnae git a Scoobie, huv ye?

Book 7: Why is There Nothing to Believe in anymore?

Book 8: I’m at the Mercy of Bureaucrats

Book 9: This’ll Take you Where you Wanna Go