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The Book of the Sacred Law

Download The Third and Final Testament

The Complete Book of the Law

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The Silence is Over 

Many are called. Few are chosen 

The Affidavit of Law – 2015 

Part 1: The Truth shall set you free

Part 2 (i): The Day of Atonement

Part 2 (ii): The Book of Kings

Part 3: The Parables

The Affidavit of Law – 2023



PROC-2023-1 – The Holy Royal Seal

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The Red Equal-Armed Cross is the symbol of Christ. It represents perfect balance in a world of polarities like Above and Below or Male and Female.
The Crucifix is not mentioned in the biblical account of the Crucifixion.  It is symbolic of a ‘world out of joint’ on two levels: there is more masculine (upright) than feminine; and the feminine does not bisect the masculine