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Part 1

The Truth shall set you free

The Book of Hashem

'The Name

of the Rose'

The 12-letter Name of God

The above is the 12-letter Name of God in Qabalah, derived from the initials of the twelve tribes of Israel — referred to by the Panacea Society’s latter-day prophet, George Turner, in the context of the Messiah.  These are recited in the following order according to the breastplate of the Urim and Thumim: Reuven, Shimeon, Levi, Yehudah, Issachar, Zevulon, Dan, Naftali, Gad, Asher, Yosef, and Benyami, which means that they read from right to left like Hebrew.

If we transliterate, we get R Sh L I I S D N G A I V (or variations).  The first five letters RShLII are in themselves an anagram of the Hebrew spelling of my surname, ShIILR, and not a particularly impenetrable one.  If we take the whole phrase, we get:

D A V I N Sh I I L R S G


D A V I N Sh I I L R 7 3

As there are fewer vowels in Ancient Hebrew and no punctuation, we then get:

Dave N Shayler’s ‘G’ or
Dave ‘the Fish’ Shayler’s ‘G’


Dave N Shayler 777,


Dave ‘the Fish’ Shayler, 777

In the last examples the figures ‘3 and 7’ taken together are interpreted as three sevens, ‘777’or 7th July 2007, the date of my proclamation as Messiah.

gimmelThe letter G adorns the roof of the Temple in freemasonry and is symbolic of God.  In Hebrew, it is Gimmel, the Hebrew letter which represents the connection between Tipareth the Son and Kether the Source on the Tree of Life (circled in white, above).  It hovers above Daath, the dimension not connected to the Tree, which means ‘Knowledge’.

The letters could also be transcribed and re-arranged to produce:

D A V Sh I I L R S I G N


Sign: Dav Shayler.

The Hebrew for ‘sign’ is ‘Zion’.  Zion is the flash of creation of matter as essence or Holy Spirit, is the opposite of Babylon and can refer to the Chosen One.

We are directed to these names by the Christ of the Book of Revelation, who says he is the Alpha and Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.  In the 12-letter Name, which also appears in the Book of Revelation, the transliterations of the first and last letter of the English alphabet, ‘A’ and ‘Z’ appear, with the ‘Z’ right next to Shayler.

12 letter 2

R Sh L I I Z D N G A I V

This also provides the solution to the Da Vinci Code:

Shayler’s Da Vinci

And pours light on the codes in Dan Brown’s most recent novel, The Lost Symbolon (see The Bible interactive).

Circled in white,above and below, the letter G — gimmel in Hebrew — adorns masonic bibles and represents the connection between Tipareth the Son and Kether the Source on the Tree of Life above
‘Nothing is wanting but the Key’

Symbolon: the word symbol came to the English language by way of Middle English, from Old French, from Latin, from the Greek  meaning ‘together,’ and ‘a throw’, having the literal meaning of ‘to throw together’.  It can be translated as ‘co-incidence’, ‘sign’, ‘ticket’ or ‘contract’.  The earliest attestation of the term is in the Homeric Hymn to Hermes where Hermes on seeing the tortoise exclaims: ‘Symbolon  of joy to me!’ before turning it into a lyre.  The phrase could be translated in a number of ways, including: ‘What a joyful co-incidence’ or ‘What a joyful encounter’ or ‘What a joyful sign/portent’ or ‘What joyful symbolism’.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symbol

Both Homer and Hermes are incarnations of the Jesus soul.  The tortoise appears in many creation myths because the shapes on its shell resemble the sacred geometry of the formation of the universe