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The Book of the Sacred Law


whole of the law

The Holy Bible is also known as the Book of the Law or the Ark of the Covenant.
In Hebrew there are ‘ten words’ written on the two Tablets of the Law, which go into the Ark of the Covenant (in Aramaic, ‘spoken Hebrew’, ‘the Heart of Britain’).
Those ten words are the two commandments of the Law, the only commandments in the Holy Bible.





If it’s religion you want, then follow a football team

All I know most surely about morality and obligations, I owe to football


After a 2,000 year wait, the final chapter in creation’s longest running saga comes to an end.

You’ll have no doubt heard of the Chosen One of God prophesied by many different cultures over the millennia.  Well, it turns out it’s me — which is nice.

So this is the Third and Final Testament, told by the One True God, Jesus, to His Chosen One, Shayler the Christ, completing The Holy Bible or Sacred Book of the Law, intended as My Father’s final word on the matter of Law and ethics.

So It turns out you are free to do as you please so long as you do not harm the rights of others; Love is the Law; Jesus Christ is the Sovereign; usury and the mortgage in particular is unlawful.

If you have not caused harm, loss or injury to your fellow man then you have nothing to fear from the coming change.

You also have the perfect defence to any charge or action they bring against you in Babylon.

It also shows you how to free yourself from the system to avoid the extensive and catastrophic karma that will be visited upon those who remain in it.

Happy reading!