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The Sermons

Get out of debt letter


Many are called. Few are chosen

The reasons why usury, including the charging of interest, is against the Law and the Signs of God which accompanied the writing of this sermon

Sample letter

Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal


[Name of Chief Executive Officer or man/woman responsible for corporation holding the debt]
[Company Name]


Reference your letter/communication of [Insert ref and date]

It has come to my attention that you are trying to claim money off me. I am keen to settle any liability I have under the Law. I therefore request that you send me a lawful bill of settlement, including:

♦ the lawful reason for my liability to you

♦ the name of the man who is making the claim against me

♦ his signature

If you cannot provide lawful reason for my liability to you, I will consider any future requests for payment as harassment, fraud and extortion.

In the absence of a lawful reason for you to contact me, I will charge you [£xxx,000]* for each communication you make with me.


[Your Name, no title, like ‘Mr’, ‘Mrs’]
[No postcode]

Further details of your duties can be found at:




*Either put in the original value of the mortgage or a large sum like £100,000 otherwise it won’t deter them