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‘The location of the Holy Grail’

On the Shepherd’s Monument at Shugborough House in Staffordshire, said to point to the location of the Holy Grail, are the letters:


and below

D  M

When decoded using Hebrew – as is indicated in broad daylight by the monument itself – VAV = V — they become:

D M Sh Yol U Aa 6 1 6 6


D M Shayoluaa, 777

This is not an anagram.  The letters did not have to be re arranged yet it gives us:

  • my initials, D M
  • a phonetic rendition of my surname, Shayler
  • the date of the awakening of the Christ, 777

The Names of God

During my spiritual development, I used to wonder why certain sequences of Hebrew letters were called ‘the Names of God’.  I imagined that the Ancients gave the name ‘God’ to any power they did not understand.  My research has now established that the Names of God quite literally spell out or encode the actual name of God as in each case, ‘David Shayler’ or variations can be found by anyone open to the Truth.

72 Names of God
The multi-lettered Names of God
The Ineffible Name of God on the Rod of Aaron

72 Names of God

Above: The bas-relief on the Shepherd’s Monument, Shugborough House, Staffordshire.

Above left: The letters that form the ‘uncracked code’ on the Monument

Below: It is a mirror image of ‘Et in Arcadia Ego’ by Nicolas Poussin, which is also prominent in the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery, where ‘Poussin Tenier hold the key’.