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The Book of the Sacred Law

The Third and Final Testament


Find out more about The Third and Final Testament also known as The Book of the Sacred Law


Find out more about the sections and chapters of the Book of the Law


Download the whole Book of the Law as a Zip file or download individual sections as PDFs

Book 1: This is Not a Rehearsal

Book 2: ‘Rectum Defende’

Book 3: The Need to Know

Book 4: The Last Temptation

Book 5: Now is the Time for Action

Book 6: Ye huvnae git a Scoobie, huv ye?

Book 7: Why is There Nothing to Believe in anymore?

Book 8: I’m at the Mercy of Bureaucrats

Book 9: This’ll Take you Where you Wanna Go


Get out of Debt Letter

Find out how you can cancel all your debts lawfully, including the mortgage and credit card/loans as well as income and council tax and the TV licence

Many are called. Few are chosen

The reasons why usury, including the charging of interest, is against the Law and the Signs of God which accompanied the writing of this sermon

I came not to judge the world

Why usury or the making of money purely from money is unlawful and why it must be stopped now, including the catastrophic nature of the national debt