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The Law in practice

If ever the Law of God and man are at variance, the former are to be obeyed in derogation of the latter [10]
That which is against Divine Law is repugnant to society and is void
He who becomes a soldier of Christ has ceased to be a soldier of the world [11]
Maxims of Law
Because of the mandatory nature of the Law, any code or constitution drawn up — or any statute passed
has to have as its basis the intention to better protect ‘the rule of Law’ and freedom rather than undermine it.  In the event of this going wrong (because legislation is created by deeply fallible men) that code has to recognise your right to:
Maxims of Law, p18, word
i.  claim damages or redress for interference with your rights as they are expressed implicitly or explicitly under any code; AND
ii. your right to reject any piece of legislation or the entire code or constitution as it does not accord with your duty of conscience to God, enshrined in the first commandment of the Law.  In the past, those who rejected the laws of England and the government of the day were known as ‘free men’, which included women. (In this testament, the term ‘man’ also applies to woman).

Reality check 

Acts of Parliament, other statutes, legislative instruments, judicial precedents and rulings, by-laws, the US constitution, articles of association, the Lisbon Treaty, even the membership rules of the local golf club or Green party are codes of rules — as opposed to Law — subject to the Law.  
You can no more be bound by the laws of the UK than you can be by the rules of Haslemere Golf Club.  You have no more duty to the government of the UK than you do to the Politburo.  Imagine if Haslemere Golf Club wrote to you saying you had not been paying your subscription even though you weren’t a member.  You would rightly ignore the request on the grounds that you were not a member and therefore could not be bound by the rules of the club.  In other words, the club has no jurisdiction over you.
If you made that clear to the club and it continued to hassle you for subs insisting it did have authority over you, you would of course consider this as harassment, fraud
and extortion, wouldn’t you?
Consent makes the law. A contract is a law between the parties, which caacquire force only by consent.
That which seems necessary for the king and the state ought not to be said to tend to the prejudice of liberty of the ekklesia [12]
Maxims of Law
Now, suppose you were a member of the club and it put the green fees up prohibitively or introduced a dress code you did not agree with.  You would of course have a perfect right to resign and no longer pay your subscription. Anyone disagree?  Again, you would consider it a breach of your rights and an abuse of perceived power if Haslemere Golf Club then insisted that you continued to be a member and sought to reprimand you under its rules.
Well, exactly the same principles apply to the society of the UK and its rules. Under the Law, you can no more be compelled to obey the rules of the UK whether it is parliamentary legislation, executive orders or ministerial decree — than you can be compelled to obey the by-laws of Haslemere Golf Club. Even if you have contracted to join the society of the UK, you can leave whenever you wish.And there is good reason for this. Think of just some of the unjust laws passed and prosecuted by man:
  The Catholic Church allowed torture under laws relating to the Spanish Inquisition.
  English law allowed for torture and for men to be hanged, drawn and quartered.
  Until the early 19th century, Catholics were discriminated against under English law.
  In Nazi Germany, laws allowed the persecution of the Jews and other minorities the regime thought unacceptable, laws which were held to be constitutional by the senior judges of the day.
  Laws have allowed men to keep slaves or to discriminate against black people, womeno r homosexuals.
  When the slave trade was abolished in the UK in 1807, it was sneaked through parliament, in the face of opposition from legislators backed by those profiting from the slave trade.
  The illegalisation of the hemp plant has caused mass starvation, including 75million deaths a year through hunger; and the pollution of our air, water and soil and so on.
  The laws of Babylon consistently discriminate against male humans, as for example, with the retirement age.
In more recent times, the UK and the US have prosecuted unjustified wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — which have created even greater threats to the security of the people of the world – yet man’s legislation has failed to bring anyone to justice for the murder of more than two million people. 
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10  See Acts 5:29,NIV
12  Ekklesia means ‘the congregation [of Christ]’.  In this case, it refers to anyone following the Law of God